Our Advice to New Floaters:
On paper, 60min and 90min floats sound like an awfully long time to someone who has never done it. However once deeply relaxed at about 20mins into your float it goes by quickly as you lose track of time. Most find it felt like 15-30mins.

Also you are more likely to have a better float with the 90min as this gives you more time to enjoy the deep relaxed state longer. Most of the benefits happen after the 45min mark as it takes some time to get settled in especially for your first ever float. And don't worry you don't have to finish the whole 90min session as you can get out earlier if you feel satisfied. 

60-Minutes: $49 first time (USE CODE C49), $55 for members, $75 for non-members.
90-Minutes: $69 first time (USE CODE C49), $65 for members, $95 for non-members.


60-Minutes ($55)
90-Minutes ($75)

One per month. Unused floats rollover and don't expire so the 2nd month you will have 2 and the 3rd month you will have 3 etc. Additional floats are the same price and floats can be shared with anyone. Floats last for 1 year. Cancel anytime.

Unlimited Floats:
VIP Unlimited Floats: Unlimited 60 or 90min float for $250/month (individual), +add a 2nd person for half off at $375 (couples).


Introductory Package:
Intended to give new floaters a chance to fully experience floating since the experience improves throughout each float. 

(60mins):  3x 60min floats for $180
(90mins):  3x 90min floats for $210

Packs for 60min floats:
2-pack: $140
4-pack: $260
6-pack: $360
8-pack: $440
10-pack: $500

Packs for 90min floats:
2-pack: $180
4-pack: $340
6-pack: $480
8-pack: $600
10-pack: $700

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