Non-Members Price:


$35 for 30mins
$50 for 60mins
+$10 to share with a 2nd person

Sunlighten: 3 in 1 Sauna with far, near, and mid wavelengths, custom programs, and chromotherapy
30Minutes for $50
60Minutes for $65
+$10 to share with a 2nd person.

Members Price:
$35 for the Therasauna
$50 for the Sunlighten Infrared Sauna
+$15 to share session with a 2nd person.

Membership Details:
$35 a month for 1x Infrared Sauna session. Unused sessions rollover and don't expire for 1 year. Any additional sessions stay at $35. No membership fee and no cancelation fee. Cancel anytime. Share sessions with anyone.

5-Pack: $150
10-Pack: $275

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