THE Benefits


StEPHEN CURRY: Floating for Faster Recovery, improve mental and physical performance



After my first float, I had complete pain relief for 17 the 3rd float I was off Fentanyl patches and even cut back on a lot of my medications...
— Tina Graham

Profound Stress Relief

The single most beneficial aspect of floating is the profound don’t need to administer medications or believe in just lay down, relax and the rest takes care of itself...a deep relaxation you can’t get any other way.
— Dr. Anette Kjellgren, Psychologist/Researcher, Karlstad University, Sweden

The Secret is in the Salt

You’re actually floating on a bed of Epsom Salt....and Epsom salt contains magnesium and sulfur...the magnesium is what helps relax your muscles and is actually responsible for over 400 important jobs in the body...and the sulfur helps your liver detoxify.
— Julie Daniluk

Floating for Veterans: Alternative therapy for PTSD, TBIs, & Concussions

My very first float was very amazing to me...I was able to put behind 3 years of stuff that was trapped in my head in pretty much an hour session...
— Cody Austill, Iraq Veteran diagnosed with chronic PTSD

Cured of her eating disorder

The more I got to know my inner voice the more I got to know my identity outside of being JUST a skinny girl...the really incredible part about this is that until it happened to me...I didn’t think full recovery from my eating disorder was possible...
— Emily Noren

Dr. Weissman talks about Floating