• Relieves Pain in targeted areas.

  • Energizing all cells in the body for optimal cell function.

  • Immune system booster (White Blood Cells become larger, faster, and stronger)

  • Improves blood flow and oxygenation

  • Reduces inflamation

  • Reduces anxiety and depression

  • Helps Fracturs heal in 1/3rd of the time (energizing cells responsible for bone repair)

  • Increase bone density thus making bones stronger.


30mins for $10

60mins for $20

How it works

Cellular Voltage.png

Similar to grounding where one walks barefoot on the beach or earth-our Pulse Electro Magnetic Field device replicates the earths magnetic field to energize the cells. Healthy cells operate best at 70-100mili volts. If you're sick your cells are operating at 50mili volts, and if your cells have cancer they are operating at 20mili volts. So by energizing the cells by 500% we recharge the cells so that the cells can do the healing. 

Boost your immune system


For most of us our immune system is weak and not operating at optimal levels. It's gotten to the point where being sick 1-3 times a year is considered "Normal". With PEMF, because cells are being energized to 500% it makes your white blood cells larger, faster, and stronger. It also improves blood flow by dispersing clumped blood cells (this is due to dirty electricity such as wifi, cellphones, microwaves, etc) allowing them to be single and move freely. 

As you can see on your right the changes in the blood after only 10mins with the PEMF. I had this one incident where I caught strep throat, felt my immune system weaken 3hrs after contact and used the device for 30mins to boost my immune system. My friend who was the one sick with strep even shared a bed with me and I still managed to wake up healthy despite how contagious it is. 


costa arm 01.jpeg
costa arm 03 November 29th 2017.jpeg
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costa arm 04 December 27th 2018.jpeg

As we said above the PEMF is energizing EVERY CELL in the body. This includes the cells responsible for bone repair. We have performed this first hand on 2 people so far with broken arms. One was a 6 year old boy in our family who fell in a hole that another child dug up on the school playground. The doctors told us it would be 6-8weeks to heal however by his 3rd week checkup, rather than putting on another cast they found that it was fully healed. 

The second person was an 87 year old man (testimonial coming soon). He broke his arm when he fell over at a gas station and as we all know at this age our bones are fragile.

His daughter found us at a health convention in Waltham. This was a bit before we were open and so she requested if we could perform 3 PEMF sessions on her father. We accepted and scheduled 3 visits to his apartment in Framingham as he was bed ridden. I only had to give 2x 45min sessions that week before his 3rd week check up. The doctors were shocked to find this man was fully healed on his third week which at his age of 87 is unheard of. 

Simply by energizing the cells the body can perform its job marvelously and heal faster. Our bodies are amazing machines its just our environment/food/air has most of us underperforming at the cellular level.  

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