The Niacin Detox Program – One of the Best Detoxes Period.

The Niacin detox program is our favorite detox method.  Not only is it extremely simple and extremely cost effective, it’s also one of the most powerful detox protocols out there. 

How powerful you ask?

Ok, let’s just say that, this is the SAME detox program that the 911 firefighters were put on to professionally and successfully treat their extreme overexposure of toxic dust (a wide array of poisons, including lead, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, polychlorinated biphenyls, dioxins) from the WTC buildings collapsing.

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One of the firefighters who had an extreme case of toxicity developed severe Parkinson-like tremors with many other serious cognitive problems. He was treated with a Niacin Detox program with a high dose of Niacin (Slowly built to 5000 mg for 30 days).

After his detox, his sweat left a purple – blue residue on his towel. This residue was Manganese (Not magnesium) which is a type of metal known to onset tremors and cognitive issues. After his detox, he was clear of his symptoms.

Also, this is the same detox method used to professionally treat veterans with Gulf War Syndrome or Golf War Illness (GWI) . Look up Gulf War Syndrome Project headed by David Carpenter.

First Off, Why Should WE Detox?

We are CONSTANTLY exposed to toxins and heavy metals from our environment and the food that we consume.  Toxins are stored in our fat and brain tissue which directly impacts us physically and mentally. While eating healthy can help detox your body, it isn’t extremely effective.  Dr. George C. Yu, MD recommends that a Niacin detox program become part of our weekly regimen in order to stay healthy and remove harmful toxins that attribute to illnesses.

Based on the Biosphere 2 Studies, Dr. Yu said,  “We also noticed that for the average person now, they are doomed to having lots of chemicals inside their bodies, from 500 times up [compared to their blood level results]” – this means that when you get a toxicity test done on your blood, it might show that you’re fine but in reality the toxins in your fat  will show that you are 500 times more toxic!

How Does it Work? What’s the Science Behind it?

Niacin is Vitamin B3 and is created naturally in your body.  The premise behind the Niacin Detox is to take a high dose of Niacin paired with moderate to heavy exercise.  This combination mobilizes and stimulates lipolysis (break down of fats).  When you take Niacin, it induces a flushing effect that feels and looks like a sunburn.  Reaction time is different for each person but normally experienced in 5-10 minutes.

As the fats break down, the toxins stored inside the fat are released to your blood stream and then you can remove it.

If you don’t remove it, you reabsorb the toxins back into your body.

There are two main ways to eliminate it from your body:

  1. Sweat – Sweating the toxins through the skin via exercise and sauna

  2. G.I. Tract – Excreting them out the G.I. tract by binding them with one of the following:

    • Activated Charcoal

    • Zeolite Clay

    • Oils

    • Even some fibers

Dr. Yu and Dr. Mercola Explain it a Little More In THIS VIDEO

What is Removed?

  1. Heavy Metals: Mercury, Manganese, Lead, Aluminum etc

  2. Pharmaceutical Drugs: Pain Killers, Prozac, etc

  3. Other Substances: LSD, heroin, PCP, cocaine, alcohol

  4. Formaldehyde, chlorines, Harmful PCBs

  5. Food Preservatives

  6. Pesticides & Herbicides

  7. Anesthetics

  8. and many others

Is the Niacin Detox Safe?

Niacin is something that you already create in your body.  It is converted from your amino acids, tryptophan.  When detoxing, most people use niacin above its RDA value and don’t experience any problems other than the flushing effect.  Since you build up a tolerance to niacin, most people can start at 100 mg and slowly build up to taking 1000 – 1500 mg per session.  I personally don’t go above 2000 mg.  You can slowly build a tolerance by increasing the niacin dosage by 100 mg per detox session.  For some extreme conditions of toxicity like the 911 firefighters, you can reach up to 5000 mg per detox session – however you should still consult your doctor on this.

A Brief Overview of the detox:

Purpose: We at Cloud-9 believe that everyone should detox because these toxins can build up and cause a large range of health issues. Because of this we made this detox as inexpensive as possible so that it's available to most people who want to see progress in their health and well being. It's a simple and extremely powerful detox method used by doctors to eliminate toxins as you learned above.

Consult your doctor:  With any diet, exercise, or supplement change, you should consult your doctor first before attempting to make sure this is right for you.  Everyone is different.

Brief Overview:  We start with taking 50-100 mg of Niacin on empty stomach to dilate the veins and the cells where toxins are stored so they can easily be removed. Then we use the PEMF for 1-hour to loosen toxins and heavy metals from the body after which you will enter the infrared sauna for 1hr allowing you to sweat out these toxins. Then to finish we give you 500mg of activated charcoal which acts as a binder for any leftover toxins to be removed through the digestive system. During all this we provide you with spring water to keep you hydrated along with all the essentials you need (towels, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash). So all you need to do is bring yourself :)

Package Options:

30-day detox: Consists 30x PEMF and 30x Infrared Sauna Sessions with enough Niacin and Activated Charcoal and anything else you need for the time period. Purchasable via the "book now" link for $799* which comes out to $25 a day which normally would be $2,100 ($70 a day) not including the vitamins. Purchasable in the shop section. Sessions are only to be used for your 30-day detox and will expire afterwards. 

15-day detox: Consists 15x PEMF and 15x Infrared Sauna Sessions with enough Niacin and Activated Charcoal and anything else you need for the time period. Purchasable via the "book now" link for $399* which comes out to $25 a day which normally would be $1,050 ($70 a day) not including the vitamins. Purchasable in the shop section. Sessions are only to be used for your 15-day detox and will expire afterwards. 

*Payments can be split to weekly payments.